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Natural Dye Workshops coming soon!

Please send me an email if you'd like me to send you updates on the upcoming workshops. 

These can be held in both English and Italian, and can be customised depending on your needs and experience.



Why Natural Dyes

The synthetic dye industry is one of the top leaders in polluting our world’s water. standard dyes use heavy metals to fix the color to the cloth and are not biodegradable, and can take more then 300 years to fully disintegrate, thus destroying the eco systems and drinking water where synthetic dye houses are located.
natural dyes derived from plants, food waste by-products, and animal based dyes are a sustainable and holistic way to color your cloth. slow, considered and conscious, natural dyes create a story, imbue history and transcend homogenous industry norms, bringing life to all fabric applications while not polluting our planet.


The workshop was great, I learnt a lot about printmaking. Chiara was an excellent teacher and made the class fun. She had prepared a lot in advance and there were examples so we could see what we were making. 
Ella, Copenhagen
We took two workshops with Chiara while staying at Villa Lena in July 2020 - producing natural watercolours and repeating patterns, both of which I hadn't previously tried. Chiara has a wonderful, calm and inspiring way of explaining the methods she uses and the ability to incite creativity in her workshop participants, no matter how uncreative they might be feeling that day. In just an hour we were taught new methods and managed to create some stunning pieces, as well as take home some inspiration. I would love to get the chance to take part in more workshops, especially longer ones by beautiful Chiara. 
Nina, Germany
My workshop experience with Chiara was so much fun and really inspired me to start developing my own print and pattern ideas. It was so nice for her to take the time in helping show me how to actually get my idea on to paper and give me her expertise on how to develop it after. I hope to do another workshop with her in the future,
TĀLĀ, London
I met Chiara in a pattern workshop in Villa Lena and immediately felt at ease with her. I always wanted to understand how to create a pattern and she explains it in a very clear way which I really liked.She gave me great advice during the pattern drawing process but I still felt free to draw whatever was in my mind.
It was a really nice moment with an inspiring artist :)
Diane, Paris