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Brixton Flowers Silk Scarf
Brixton Flowers Silk Scarf

Brixton Flowers Silk Scarf

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Our Brixton Flowers Silk Scarves are: 

- Made from 100% Peace* Silk

- Digitally printed with non toxic, water-based inks. Healthy for your skin and for the environment

- Measuring 90cmx90cm 

- Hand rolled hems

- Durable. If well looked after silk can last for decades

- All season product


*Traditionally silk is produced by boiling the cocoons of silk worms, unwinding the strand so the silk fibres don’t break – however, this means that the silk worm dies in the process. Meanwhile peace silk is a process that allows the silkworm to emerge from the cocoon and complete its natural life cycle. The empty cocoons are then used to produce silk. Which means that, although some peace silk may be created with imperfections, it represents a much more humane way to harvest the fibre.